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Egypt: Prosecutor orders new autopsy on police victim
Egypt: Prosecutor orders new autopsy on police victim
Prosecutor General Abdul Magid Mahmoud ordered autopsy on the body of the 28 year old Alexandria victim, Khaled Saed, allegedly beaten to death by two police agents
Tuesday, June 15,2010 17:22

According to human right groups and witnesses, the young man was viciously beaten by police and security in plainclothes after he objected to the way an unjustfied search was being conducted at an internet cafe.
Police brutality has come to be the norm during interrogations and searches in Egypt , as emergency law provides police and security personnel with wide scope of  authorities to violate basic human rights without fear of being held legally accountable. The renewed law has targeted mostly political opposition, such as the Muslim Brotherhood but recent aggression against protestors and activists has been evident.
The U.S. State Department stated it will follow closely Egypt 's handling of the case calling for a transparent investigation.

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