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Security forces assault female activists, arresting 50 others
Security forces assault female activists, arresting 50 others
Security forces in Cairo 's city centre attacked today, female activists who were involved in a demonstration protesting against the torture of Khaled Saed which resulted in his death. They also arrested more than 50 other campaigners
Sunday, June 20,2010 22:33

A security barricade was set up since early morning to abort the demonstration, which was formerly announced by the protests' organizers. Activists were scheduled to rally outside the Interior Ministry to condemn the torture, in solidarity with, Khalid Saed who was brutally beaten and killed by police forces in Alexandria

The demonstrators gathered near the Bab al-Louk, district and set off for Sabri Abu Alam Street and later  Sheriff Street . Security forces however overtook the demonstration and narrowed in on the activists eventually closing down on them as they abused and assaulted female activists and arrested approximately 50 young men moving them to waiting police vehicles for deportation

Protesters who were able to get past forces denounced the regime and the Ministry of the Interior, chanting angry slogans slamming the murder by police.
Shop owners and passers-by joined in the demonstration in an unprecedented incident of interaction raising the number of protestors to over 800.  

The demonstrators later proceeded towards the Press Syndicate where, nearly 300 of them, engaged in an open ended sit in protesting against the arrest of their colleagues demanding their release

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