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IAF slams raised taxes in Jordan
IAF slams raised taxes in Jordan
A government decision to raise taxes and fees on some essential items to solve an expansion in the budget's deficit has been met with much opposition by activists in Jordan.
Wednesday, June 23,2010 09:35

Opposition leaders and activists representing the Islamic Action Front (IAF), engaged in a sit it at the professional Associations complex in the capital in protest to the decision which they called unfair and undemocratic.

The Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot claimed that the raise taxes increased hardships on the less privileged citizens. Ali Abul Sukkar, president of the IAF Shura council, confirmed that the government passed the new economic measures in the absence of the Parliament and "without any regard to the wellbeing of citizens".

No security forces were visible in the area, as demonstrators ended the one-hour sit-in peacefully.


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