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ElBaradei and MB assert large numbers equal change
ElBaradei and MB assert large numbers equal change
The former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei's emergence to lead a movement demanding reform from President Hosni Mubarak's government, with the support of political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood has been closely monitored worldwide.
Sunday, June 27,2010 17:05

ElBaradei and oppositions call for political reform will demonstrate how far the Egyptians are willing to go. However a long road is ahead of the 'could be candidate' who is familiar to the world of diplomacy and order.


According to sources the country's only hope for concessions under the renewed emergency law, which continually sends dissidents to jail, will be if ElBaradei and his supporters are able to sustain weeks of protest.

Mubarak's 30 year tight grip has resulted in low public support triggering ElBaradei and opposition to draw in the poor and the wealthy alike in an effort to improve a country where nearly half of the population lives on very little.


ElBaradei has reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood and other opposition's appeal for democracy asserting that it is the root for social justice. ElBaradei described poverty as the most lethal weapon of mass destruction. The National Front for Change is currently seeking 1 million signatures on a petition urging constitutional reform giving way for open elections, judicial oversight and preventative regulations on independent candidates. The regime will be compelled to respond if the number of signatures is noticeably high since changes come in numbers.

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