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HRW and Amnesty call on Egyptian regime to release political prisoners
HRW and Amnesty call on Egyptian regime to release political prisoners
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in a statement called on the Egyptian government to release prisoners who were detained indefinitely.
Thursday, July 1,2010 11:58

 The organizations called on the regime to keep its promise and restrict its use of the Emergency Law to terrorism and drug trafficking cases.

The statement mentioned that more than 100 prisoners are currently detained under the Emergency Law in cases unrelated to terrorism or drug trafficking. The statement maintained assurances were given by the Egyptian Interior Ministry promising that the prisoners in question would be discharged directly or by court order by the end of this month.

HRW officials asserted that the Interior Ministry had defied numerous court orders for the detainees' release.  In fact the initial arrests were related mainly to freedom of expression topics. especially among the political opposition including large numbers from the Muslim Brotherhood bloc. The statement addressed the issue asserting its  doubts as to whether the government would keep its promises regarding the longstanding Emergency Law imposed since 1981 or continue following its course of oppression and misconduct.

According to HRW Middle East and North Africa Division Director Sarah Leah Whitson, Egypt should keep its earlier vows to limit the application of the Emergency Law to terrorism and drug trafficking cases since the whole world is keeping an eye on events in Egypt

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