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Opposition welcomes detention of police agents accused of Saeed's death
Opposition welcomes detention of police agents accused of Saeed's death
A statement issued Thursday by the 6 April Movement described the decision to detain two Alexandria police officers by the accused of using excessive force on Khalid Saed who died by police brutality as victorious
Friday, July 2,2010 20:31

The movement asserted that the decision by Alexandria 's Prosecutor is a pleasing decision for the movements that organized demonstrations against police brutality and internet publicity campaigns including that of the Muslim Brotherhood who launched a petition demanding the chief of security to be held accountable.

The group slammed the regime's resolution to call in the European Union ambassadors of its rejection of their “intervention” in Saed's case asserting it was rational. They defend the EU inquiry stating they believed it was intended to defend human rights and was not intended as interference.

Muslim Brotherhood MP Hamdy Hassan argued that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s allegations against the EU were inappropriate, he continued that the ministry's neglect to Saed's killings has angered the citizens hence any interference for investigation was welcome. He maintained that Saed's death was a result of the Ministry's abuse of the 'emergency law'

In a statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, opposition MP Hamdeen Sabbahy urged the arrest of the chief of police in charge of the Sidi Gaber station, be arrested and charged. He called that justice be achieved claiming that the chief had incited his policemen to kill Saed.

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