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Activists assert trial of Khaled Saed's killers as victory for public outrage
Activists assert trial of Khaled Saed's killers as victory for public outrage
Human rights activists welcomed the decision bChancellor Yaser Refaie, Prosecutor General of East Alexandria to refer Mahmoud el-Fallah and Awad Ismail from Sidi Gaber Police station for killing Khaled y Saed.
Monday, July 5,2010 18:35

In a statement made to Ikhwanweb they stressed that the decision comes in response to the public opinions pressure which continued since the incident. They called for issuing the killers the harshest sentences for killing as well as using excessive force and beating to death or deliberate killing.

Khalaf Bayoumi, MB lawyer in Alexandria and Director of Al-Shehab Centre for Human Rights ascertained that “this decision would not have been made without the human rights efforts with ongoing protests".  He added that public pressure resulted in two decisions, including the exhuming of the body and second autopsy after the initial medical report.
Sherif Helaly, Director of the Arabic Association for Supporting Civil Society and Human Rights stated that publicizing events of Saed's killing through the advanced technology and networking method has raised public awareness and sympathy which greatly affected the decision of the Prosecution. He added that international pressure by ambassadors from EU member states as well as national and international human rights organizations had a great implication on the decision. He explained that this case is symbolic to all crimes of torture which takes place in police stations which are kept unanimous.
Helaly called on the Attorney-General to monitor police stations and places of detention and prosecute anyone proven to be in involved in torture crimes. Dr. Magda Adly, Director of Al-Nadim Centre added that the witnesses testimonies are incompatible and called for conducting a number of medical checkups and examinations with the forensic report to find out the reason for death. Dr. Adly and Mahmoud Qandil, human rights activist, called for indicting and prosecuting the head of Sidi Gaber Police Station and head of Security in Sidi Gaber Police Station.
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