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Ministry of Interior amends nomination and election regulations
Ministry of Interior amends nomination and election regulations
Interior Minister Habib el-Adly, issued a decision amending the nomination and candidacy procedures for nominees in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.
Tuesday, July 6,2010 21:19

The amendment provides that voters present the ID's of both himself and his father proving their origin and Egyptian nationality. Non-Egyptians cannot run for Shura or Parliamentary elections. In addition to this any candidate born before 1970 must provide evidence of primary education or its equivalent to prove literacy

Each voter will have the right to travel to the ballots by train, and to go to the police station with his nomination card to get a permit and two-way ticket for travelling free of charge. The nominee can also submit the nomination application through a deputy. Each constituency should form a General Elections Committee with 3-9 members and they should be headed by a member of the judiciary system.

Elections should be slated before the end of next October. Article 92 of the Constitution provides that elections should be held within the next 60 days prior to the ending session of the Parliament which will end on December 13th, 2010.

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