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MB MP denounces Israel 's decision to deport Palestinian MP's
MB MP denounces Israel 's decision to deport Palestinian MP's
The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc denounced the Israeli decision to deport MPs from the Palestinian Legislative Council from the occupied Jerusalem .
Saturday, July 10,2010 09:46

 The MPs include Ahmed Atwan, Mohamed Abu Teer, Mohamed Tawtah, and former Minister Khaled Abu Arafah.

In a statement the MB parliamentary bloc described the Israeli decision as a repressive act against the Palestinian people and their elected MPs by the occupation forces. They stressed that the procedure was a blatant violation of the international law and the Geneva Convention which stipulates that no occupation force has the right to transfer or deport persons privileged with immunity from the occupied territories to other territories or countries.

 The MB parliamentary bloc called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference to take immediate action and stop the implementation of this decision.

 The statement denounced the Arab silence, highlighting that Jerusalem needs each and every effort to support it against the Israeli attacks.

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