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Weekend march calls on Turks and Kurds to end violence
Weekend march calls on Turks and Kurds to end violence
Turkish and Kurdish activists carried banners calling for all round peace as they marched in central Istanbul over the weekend
Monday, July 19,2010 20:33


Human rights activists condemned the escalating violence between Turks and Kurds and called for the struggle to end chanting slogans such as “Justice for peace, brotherhood for a solution,” “Let the guns be silenced, let the dirty war end,” “Muslim people are brothers,” and “Muslims do not bow to tyranny chanted in both Turkish and Kurdish.


A press statement was read at Taksim by Ahmet Faruk president general of Mazlum-derr calling on both the Turkish military and the Kurdistan Workers Party   to silence their weapons.

He continued his statement adding that violence will not help solve the Kurdish problem, but will contribute to the division by fascist circles.  He demanded that the Turkish Armed Forces immediately cease operations, and the PKK put down their guns, which would consequently result in a social atmosphere of peace and common sense.

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