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MB and opposition conference warns ruling party against elections fraud
MB and opposition conference warns ruling party against elections fraud
MP Saad Al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau stressed that rigging the upcoming parliamentary elections in October, similar to what happened during the mid-term Shura elections held last June, would be risky
Saturday, July 24,2010 20:02

Husseini added during a political reform conference at the headqaurters of the MB parliamentary bloc in Cairo that political reform is a necessity for Egypt at the present time, and long overdue. He added that the county's decline has come about as a result of the deepening corruption and oppression by the ruling regime. The MP called on all Egyptians to unite and fight corruption at all levels and pressure the government through legal channels to listen to the people's demands for political reform and constitutional amendments, primarily articles 76, 77 and 88.

Husseini asserted that change in Egypt is possible since Egyptians have become more aware of their rights and holding mass protests, campaigns, sit ins and even online petitions calling for their constitutional rights.
MP Mohammad Al-Beltagui, Assistant Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc, highlighted the significance of the people's will to bring about the desired change and reform. He claimed that if opposition is united, the regime will be weakened and enemies of reform and democracy will be defeated
Other participants in the conference included Dr. Abdul Jalil Mustafa, from the National Association for Change (NAC) and Yahia Hussein, coordinator of  "no to selling Egypt" movement.
The conference ended with a common call for all Egyptians not to be intimidated by the regime, which relies on emergency laws to suppress opposition to its undemocratc practices, and to understand their rights and participate effectively in calling for change and reform
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