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MBs petition for reform gathers 414,000 signatures in 29 days
MBs petition for reform gathers 414,000 signatures in 29 days
The number of signatures collected by the Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign "Seven demands for reform" launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie and adopted by Egypt's political opposition, has reaped nearly 414, 000 signatures through the group's tawkatonline website in 29 days.
Wednesday, August 4,2010 17:11

The MB's campaign has so far received worldwide attention through media coverage for the significant interaction by the Egyptian people. The seven demands included in the petition backed by the Brotherhood include the following:

1. Ending the state of emergency

2. The empowerment of the Egyptian judiciary to fully supervise electoral process. 

3. Allowing domestic and international civil society organizations to monitor elections

4. Providing equal opportunities in the media for all candidates, especially in the presidential election.

5. Enabling Egyptians abroad to exercise their right to vote in Egyptian embassies and consulates

6. Ensuring the right to stand in presidential elections without arbitrary restrictions in line with Egypt's obligations under the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and limiting the right to run for the presidency to two terms.

7. Allowing citizens to vote using their unique identifying numbers, known as National Number


 In order to achieve the above demands, amendments to articles 76, 77 and 88 of the Constitution must take place as soon as possible 


- To sign the MB petition, please visit www.tawkatonline.com

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