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Rifts within NDP as election season nears
Rifts within NDP as election season nears
Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, Mr. Sobhy Saleh stressed that the disapproval voiced regarding the manner the NDP conducts its affairs prior to the next parliamentary elections indicates that there may be a split within the party.
Wednesday, August 4,2010 19:14

Similar incidents had occurred during the 2005 elections when the number of independent candidates was greater.

Dr. Hesham Gamal, Assistant Secretary General of the Nasr Nouba organization in Aswan , affirmed he will be running in the next parliamentary elections, either through the NDP or as an independent. He objected to the nomination of a woman in the Nasr Nouba centre. Gamal claimed that no-one had the right to dismiss him from the party, pointing out that the NDP evidently operates under the management of one person only, namely the Secretary General, and there is no chance for innovation. He stressed that the party violated the most basic principles of the constitution and laws depriving certain citizens from running in the general elections, while allowing others to run.

MP Saleh stressed that this clearly illustrates the lack of democracy within the NDP with no political project to implement. The party's membership is based solely on gaining benefits and guaranteeing a job. The NDP’s agenda focuses on protecting the Camp David Agreement and opposing the Muslim Brotherhood.

The NDP had fielded 432 candidates in 2005, where only 33% of the nominees won. The rest of their nominees had run as independents totaling 70% of the secured seats, but later changed allegiance and switched to the NDP

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