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Candle bearing activists  protest against power outages
Candle bearing activists protest against power outages
The 6 April Youth Movement organized a protest in front of the cabinet denouncing the continuous power outages in different parts of Egypt .
Thursday, August 26,2010 00:58

 The 6 April Youth Movement organized a protest in front of the cabinet denouncing the continuous power outages in different parts of Egypt

Numerous Activist groups and writer Mohamed Abdel Qudus participated in the protest 
Slogans denouncing the ruling regimes policies and its inability to solve the power outages especially during the month of Ramadan as well as slogans rejecting Gamal Mubarak's running for the presidency were chanted by the activists

Political forces in Egypt had also denounced the cheap exporting of gas to Israel while Egypt suffers from the lack of gas.   Egypt was forced to repurchase the gas from Israel at seven fold the price it originally sold it

Ahmed Maher, Coordinator of the 6 April Youth, said that the movement will be organizing more protests in the upcoming period in the areas which have power outages in order to clarify and explain the situation to people. The group is to discuss the best solutions of current problems in Egypt including the bread crisis and blackouts discussing peaceful methods for change of the current system
He added, the power outages crisis is due to the lack of Egypt 's strategic plan to expand electricity networks to be in line with the growth of population just like other developed countries do indicating the inability to strategically plan ahead
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