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Egypt: National political powers threaten civil disobedience
Egypt: National political powers threaten civil disobedience
Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change urged Mubarak's regime to respond to the public's peaceful demands for change, cautioning they could face popular uprising if they did not respond.
Sunday, August 29,2010 22:10

Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change urged Mubarak's regime to respond to the public's peaceful demands for change, cautioning they could face popular uprising if they did not respond. The rally which was held at Muslim Brotherhood MP Gamal Shehata's headquarters was held amid tight security. The NAC called on activists to stage street protests and sit-ins as part of a civil disobedience program, to correspond with the targeted 1 million signatures which are being collected for the 7 demand charter.

Nafaa maintained that the regime has so far failed to respond to their demands hence his call on political forces to decide what actions will be taken to face Mubarak's regimes. He stressed that "Boycotting the upcoming People’s Assembly and presidential elections will be effective only if all opposition movements are unified in their decision, adding that "the opposition should form a list of candidates, called “The Change List” banner.
The demands called on by the political opposition included amendments to the constitution to enable independents and new party candidates to run in the presidential election and a lift of the emergency laws that have been in force for nearly three decades.
Veteran journalist, and NAC spokesman  Hamdi Qandil, explained that Egypt's mobility has already began for years asserting that the emergence of numerous opposition trends has succeeded in giving hope to the people ascertaining that the action has  grown stronger as a result of the MB and NAC's collective reform demand petition collecting a total of 850, 000 signatures.
He claimed that the political powers initiated campaign promoting 7 demands for change is at a critical stage, as the National Party's candidates have begun campaigning by posting election posters and installing billboards for the forthcoming People's Assembly polls, whereas the opposition has not taken a unified stance. He confirmed that the National Association for change will formally announce its position on the upcoming Parliamentary polls within weeks, and if the government does not positively respond, they will boycott the elections.
Leading Brotherhood member Dr. Mohamed El Beltagy criticized the attempts to cut off electricity by the East Shubra District officials in an attempt to disrupt the rally. The district's senior officials had threatened to arrest the ralliers who were posting banners despite a large number of NDP posters existing in the same area. Demonstrating evident discrimination

Egypt's Independent MP Dr.Gamal Zahran lashed out at the campaigning NDP candidates, noting that millions of pounds are spent on publicity campaigns.
MB MP Hazem Farouk and leading NAC Ahmed Darrag proposed a number of recommendations demanding Egypt 's President to issue an immediate Presidential decree ordering free and fair elections, and the follow up of the MB and NAC's signature campaign for change, highlighting the significance of political forces uniting against electoral fraud.
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