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MB Teenagers latest victims of State Security
MB Teenagers latest victims of State Security
Security Services in the Sharqeya governorate arrested three Muslim Brotherhood students ahead of the 2010 Parliamentary elections in the Derb Balah district.
Saturday, October 30,2010 13:58

Security Services in the Sharqeya governorate arrested three Muslim Brotherhood students ahead of the 2010 Parliamentary elections in the Derb Balah district.

The three were arrested while posting banners calling for reform and effective participation in the elections. This comes in response to the group’s announcement that they would participate in the elections.

Other opposition parties have maintained that they would boycott the elections in protest ofto the ruling regime’s obstinacy in responding to their demands for guarantees of integrity in the polls.

The newest detainees include two high school students and one college student, namely: Ahmed Leila, Salem Mohamed Salem, and Abdel Rahman Fowzy Abdel Hameed.

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