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Articles no.76 and 77 "Part Uno {1}"
Back to my beloved Egypt after some days with Saddam Hussein and his never ending silly drama
Monday, January 8,2007 00:00
by Zeinobia

Back to my beloved Egypt after some days with Saddam Hussein and his never ending silly drama

Back to the important event the regime wants us as the Egyptian citizens to forget in order to get it as they want and by this I mean the new Constitution Amendments ,the greatest as they call it and the most dangerous as I call it

Already few days and the Shura Council will start its discussions about the amendments but of course the official media acts as if the Parliament already approved them !! The information minister already launched a site about them !! Ok I understand why the NDP launched its web section about the amendment already it is their project by why the official state site does such thing even before it is officially accepted according to the law !!

Already I spoke about the amendments of another two articles No. 88 and No. 1 ,check it please for refreshing your memory

Today I am going to speak about the most important and dangerous amendment, well all are important and dangerous but if you read carefully what I am going to say ,you may understand what I mean

First just quick hints

Article No. 76 is about the way in choosing the President of Egypt , it was already undergone to a change from two years if you remember ,in case that you don’t remember here is another flash back . The glorious change was a empty one , yes it made the choice of choosing president based upon multi candidate presidential elections , but on the other hand it got no use without the existence of a real political life , there is no freedom for the parties in Egypt enough to make a real support base

Anyway from two years ,that change the official media portrayed it as the greatest thing ever Egypt saw even than the Pyramids themselves ,they even chose Mubarak the greatest Egyptian ruler ever since the Ancient Egypt !!! As he gave the lost right and made Egyptians the choice !!!

Suddenly last year in the last month Mubarak came and announced that there would another amendment including this article ,strangely the same media speakers which kept cheering for the great change are the same media speakers who are now insisting that this change is necessary and it is a "must"

Look without going in much details about the Article No.76

All what I understand from what I read in Arabic the expected Amendment that it put more limits , not as expected

The new change will prohibit any Independent candidate from running for Presidency !!!

oh yes if you are not a party member than you can’t run for presidency , we can’t have our own Ralph Nader thanks to that stupid amendment !!

according to that amendment as I understand from reading here and there

Presidency is only available to party members not independent ,despite an independent person can be more qualified than the party members

It is ironic because the article No. 76 is unfair , it is tailored only for the NDP , it needs one more thing to be perfect for the NDP,to say frankly "The president Must be from Mubarak dynasty !!"

To understand this article amendment ,we must know why it was made in the first place

It was made to prevent any president candidate from groups mainly the Muslim Brotherhood to run for presidency , you see the Egyptian Constitution is against the parties based upon religion like The Muslim Brotherhood , which I think it is right ,and so the Muslim Brotherhood as both "not -a-party" and also a banned group "since 1954" goes to the elections as independent

Their candidates always go to the elections of the parliament under the name of Independent ,well yes every one knows from the oldest to the youngest in Egypt that these men and few women are from the MB because they don’t hide their real belonging , like some independent candidates whom as soon as they enter the parliament join the NDP , yet as I said according to the law they are forbidden group that got no legal existence yet they exist

and because the protection is better than cure is the slogan of the Egyptian regime ,they made that amendment ,to cut the road for the MB as no one can deny that those brothers since Hassan El-Bana made it and they want to rule Egypt ,well this is not bad if we take in to consideration that the aim of any party or political group in any country is to rule it. Of course after the success of the prohibited MB in the parliament elections of 2005 , made the regime fears more and more from that nightmare

I read the article No.76 which is long to analysis , well I don’t want my dear readers to get bored

anyhow as I read the article itself and the supposed amendment I feel that as I said before the only thing left is to name Gamal Mubarak to be the sole candidate

Very difficult conditions I will take about it later ,also insh Allah I will speak about the article No.77

Oh yes this is my constitution amendment series :)

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