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:: Egypt’s 2010 Parliamentary Elections > Escalating harassments of MB
Breaking news: Forces use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse MB supporters
Breaking news: Forces use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse MB supporters
270 MB supporters arrested nationwide Friday alone
Security forces abducted a group of MB supporters accompanying candidate Omar Ramadan as they made their rounds.
Friday, November 19,2010 15:19

Security forces abducted a group of MB supporters accompanying candidate Omar Ramadan as they made their rounds. The MB candidate from Helwan was assaulted in again a breach and violation of the constitution hindering the citizens freedom of speech.


Security personel in the Egyptian governorate of Damietta prevent an electoral conference belonging to MB candidate Mohammed Kasbah


Security forces prevent a large election rally in Abu Kabeer, supporting MB candidate Dr. Samery Mansour arresting dozens.


Security services use tear gas against supporters of MB candidate Sobhi Saleh, in Alexandria with reports of Saleh’s and dozens of campaigners wounded. Security forces also used rubber bullets and reports confirm MP Sobhi Saleh, and large numbers of his supporters injured after being physically assaulted by thugs and the security personnel

Also in Alexandria 12 supporters of candidate Bushra Alsamny arrested.

Security officials and armed thugs forcefully ban activists and assault them 
preventing them from supporting MB candidate Mahmoud Attia for the  Karmooz district in Alexandria during his electoral campaign.



Security arrests Ibrahim al-Sayed member of the MB’s Administrative Office in Alexandria during rally supporting MB candidate

MB candidate Mohamed Abdel Baqy and 15 supporters arrested in Talkha resulting in 6 injuries after tear gas and live bullets were used to dispersed rally


Security prevents conference led by MB Saad Elhusseini in Mehalla alKubra while police clash with locals, using tear gas bombs, arresting dozens


Wounded MB detainee from Abu Kabir is currently in very critical state in hospital after attacked by security forces during rally 




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