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Forces attempt to thwart MB's MP open ended sit –in
Forces attempt to thwart MB's MP open ended sit –in
Security officials called on the protesting MB candidates to end their sit in parliament urging them to leave the premises.
Monday, November 22,2010 17:09

Security officials called on the protesting MB candidates to end their sit-in in parliament urging them to leave the premises.

The MB candidates from Alexandria were protesting to their names being eliminated from the ballot list despite their documents being legitimate and proper.
The officials ordered all electricity to be cut off and restrooms locked in an effort to force them to abandon their sit-in.

The four deputies who engaged  in the open ended sit-in, submitted a memo to the PA speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour calling on him to intervene and include their names on the ballot forms since they were unjustly crossed off with no explanation.
MB MP Saber Abu Fotouh ascertained that the group will continue  their sit in until they are given their constitutional rights to run for parliament


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