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Elections Update:Egypt goes to poll with no sign of democracy
Elections Update:Egypt goes to poll with no sign of democracy
7:05 AM In Mansoura, witnesses watch thugs on motorcycles armed with chains, pocketknives and machetes leave from police station towards ballot stations.
Sunday, November 28,2010 18:11


7:05 AM In Mansoura, witnesses watch thugs on motorcycles armed with chains, pocketknives and machetes leave from police station towards ballot stations.

7:07 AM Eyewitness reports of weapons being distributed to thugs at Police headquarters in Suez ahead of poll to ward off voters and MB supporters.

7:13 AM Thugs surround 2 schools hosting poll stations in Areesh ahead of vote
11:16 AM Committee Head reports rigging in three ballot boxes stationed in Samanoud after security official Ahmed Ezz seals the boxes illegitimately.

11:18 AM Muslim Brotherhood websites blocked by the company  TE data and Etisalat Egypt in an attempt to hinder the monitoring of electoral violations and reports.

11:19 AM Security forces arrest Al-Jazeera correspondent while covering story of clashes in Tanta between security and voters.

11:32 AM Death of Independent candidate AlSayed Abu Amr's son in the Matareya district from stab wounds.

12:54 PM Conference is scheduled at 2 pm where MB candidate Wafaa Mashour for the women's quota in Assiut will outline the violations practiced against her at her electoral headquarters.

12:55 PM 3 MB candidate supporters arrested in Kafr el Dowar.

1:45 PM MB MP candidate Sobhi Saleh rushed to hospital following assaults in Alexandria.

2:012:01 PM Political activists organize rally in front of Journalists Syndicate protesting against electoral fraud and rigging.

3:42 PM Demonstrations in Hamul against rigging and manipulation of elections and the abduction of 5 Ballot station supervisors in Sharqiya.

4:22 PM Number of deaths rise to 8 in the polls.

4:23 PM 6th of October MB candidate Mahmoud Amer and Hamdeen Sabbahi from Kafr el Sheik withdraw on rigging and manipulation grounds.

20:58 Clashes erupted between the supporters of independentcandidate El Sheikh Fawzy (worker) and NDP candidate Abd El Hameed Sha’alan(worker) infront of the Abaseya School, 6 supporters were injured by Molotov grenadesand knives.

22:11 9 cases of death, 180 arrests and 45 injuries resulting from clashes end Egypt’s polls

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