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The Winds of Change as the Muslim Brotherhood and El-Baradei Close Ranks
The Winds of Change as the Muslim Brotherhood and El-Baradei Close Ranks
The Egyptian regime can not just sneak away from the polls; their fraud is not going unnoticed and is not without consequences.
Thursday, December 9,2010 23:11

The Egyptian regime can not just sneak away from the polls; their fraud is not going unnoticed and is not without consequences. In fact, the blatant vote rigging and deceit has drawn Noble Peace Prize winner, Mohamed El-Baradei into the forefront, declaring his own plan to run for the presidential seat in 2011. El-Baradei did not hesitate to describe Mubarak’s regime as staying in power by ‘  maintaining   a draconian state of emergency’. He also believes in the legitimacy of the   boycott   and that of next year’s presidential poll – unless   independents   are allowed to   stand  -, noting that the results are ‘the product of severe manipulation’.

This proves the regime is   incapable   and unwilling to make the necessary reforms; unfortunately, it also fails to understand that the present conditions in Egypt can not continue. The fact that the Obama administration voiced its ‘concerns’ with the disappointing widespread reports of irregularities, cast even more doubt on the first round of the election and the regime’s ability to organize and monitor them properly.

Mubarak, finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the ever louder calls for change, is more nervous than he has ever been. Egypt is now considered a failed state like Haiti and Sudan , and the Egyptian regime fears the   outcome   of next year’s presidential election. With the growing unrest and the people’s readiness to rise up, the regime has increased the ferocity of its crackdowns on its opposition and the arbitrary use of wanton violence. It has been rightly said that the situation in Egypt is now highly   explosive  . The viciousness of government detentions, arrests and the use of tear gas and live bullets have not scared off the Muslim Brotherhood or El-Baradei – one of the leading campaigners for political reform in Egypt; both call for peaceful democratic change and unwaveringly demand fair conditions. As the Egyptians come to the end of their tether and reject the continuation of the regime, whether by Hosni Mubarak himself or his son, Gamal, the Muslim Brotherhood coupled with El-Baradei are ready to do what it takes to ensure the necessary reforms take place, declaring that the oppositions must   join   ranks to bring about unity and ensure change is made.

If   peaceful   protests are disallowed in Egypt, it leaves no alternative for the people – who largely live like   slaves   - but to turn to violence on the streets. Independent groups for election monitoring have called on Mubarak to use his powers to   dissolve   the new parliament, adding that election violations have set Egypt back at least 15 years. Having just returned from   abroad   – not wanting to take part in the   farce   of the elections - El-Baradei, advocating   peaceful  , civil   disobedience   as a last resort, is filled with firm resolve and is hopeful that the desired change will come.

Strength gains momentum as the Muslim Brotherhood, which collected about 90% of signatures for El-Baradei’s   petition   for changing the constitution, and El-Baradei form a coalition at a time when Egypt faces unprecedented political uncertainty, hopeful that this possible partnership might drive Mubarak out of office.

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