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NDP Official Ascertains Mubarak Is Party's Presidential Candidate
NDP Official Ascertains Mubarak Is Party's Presidential Candidate
Dr. Mustafa El-Fiqi, head of the foreign relations committee at the parliament, stressed that Egypt is undergoing a transition on the internal, regional and international level.
Wednesday, December 22,2010 08:31

Dr. Mustafa El-Fiqi, head of the foreign relations committee at the parliament, stressed that Egypt is undergoing a transition on the internal, regional and international level. He pointed out that it is difficult to predict the future even with regards to the presidential elections, adding however “It could be said that President Mubarak is the NDP’s presidential candidate unless he decides otherwise.”

El-Fiqi noted that political work in Egypt appears sinister pointing out that he had not seen any Egyptian party with a clear agenda, stressing that the NDP is following the steps of the Socialist Union.

During the meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday December 21, El-Fiqi highlighted that this is the first time in three decades that the parliament does not include members of the Muslim Brotherhood. He predicted this would lead the MB to work secretly and cause a lot of problems.

El-Fiqi added that for the first time, Egypt is under pressure internally and internationally, because of the human rights situation stressing that secretion strife could be used to threaten Egypt during the coming period.

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