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NDP Official Begins Party's Defense with Attack
NDP Official Begins Party's Defense with Attack
Safwat El-sheriff the Secretary-General for the ruling National Democratic Party rekindled the party’s attack against the Muslim Brotherhood opposition during an interview on the Mehwar TV satellite channel.
Saturday, December 25,2010 21:12

Safwat El-Sheriff, secretary-general for the ruling National Democratic Party, rekindled the party’s attack against the Muslim Brotherhood opposition during an interview on Mehwar TV satellite channel.

He claimed that the NDP was entitled to resort to legal action in the event of an outlawed group practicing politics, stressing that it would be in the best interests of the nation which supports the policy of a ‘civil state’.

According to El-Sheriff, the country has faced numerous irregularities as a result of the infiltration of these groups in numerous sectors including trade unions, clubs and various other areas.

Regarding the latest parliamentary polls, El-Sheriff highlighted that the NDP was not obliged to defend itself or apologize for succeeding in the elections since its overwhelming win came about as a result of careful planning and organization. He emphasized that the elections was a win lose battle, adding that losing in the elections did not simply mean the end.

He attributed the party’s majority win in parliament to the fact that large numbers of NDP candidates were fielded and the public chose them because of their outstanding performances during the previous term. El-Sheriff claimed that any country is subject to irregularities during elections, noting that the NDP would not pay much attention to the complaints submitted; however, it was the judiciary’s task to look into the claims.

El-Sheriff accused the opposition of using inappropriate slogans to enter parliament, claiming that the NDP is now more aware and has vowed it would not repeat the same mistake it made in 2005, in allowing ‘inappropriate’ lawmakers to enter parliament and repeat what they described as unacceptable performances under the parliamentary dome.

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