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Egyp't history in the making ....
Egyp't history in the making ....
As anti-government protesters prepared for a new wave of mass rallies Egypt's government disrupted Internet services.
Wednesday, February 2,2011 22:41

As anti-government protesters prepared for a new wave of mass rallies Egypt's government disrupted Internet service and deployed an elite special operations counterterrorism force indicating that President Hosni Mubarak's regime was toughening its crackdown following the biggest protests in years against his nearly 30-year rule.
Although the block temporarily effected many of Egypt's websites Ikhwanweb has succeeded in compiling as much as possible a minute by minute breaking news update and will continue to do so as we witness history being recorded.

21 :24 White House: Egyptian people don't want appointments to office or speeches, only action 
21 :21 Pro-regime vigilantes drop concrete blocks on unarmed protestors
21 :13 Officials confirm death toll at least three
21 :12 Regime is hardening its attitude to the protestors and to the foreign media
20 :09 Ambulances have not been able to reach the hundreds wounded in Tahrir Square
19 :58 Army is trying to enforce overnight curfew in Tahrir Square, telling people to go inside and take cover
19 :56 Reports of one death and rising number of injuries today in Tahrir Square
19 :32 Reports of Egyptian Museum in Cairo catching fire from Molotov cocktails
19 :28 Much fighting going on outside Tahrir square as Molotov cocktails and broken paving stones are being thrown against peaceful protestors
19 :22 Massive onslaught by gov't thugs and supporters using knives and sticks to attack all pro-freedom supporters in Tahrir square
19 :19 Remaining protestors in Tahrir square are calling for yesterdays 2 million protestors to go back to the square as they claim that they will be slaughtered in the early hours of the morning
19 :13 BBC: Wide reports that foreign media being attacked
19 :11 ABC: Clear and brutal siege on what had been a peaceful protest. Sirens in the background, helicopters overhead
19 :07 Undercover police responsible for massacre against peaceful anti-Mubarak protestors which include men, women and children
18 :55 Witnesses report vicious beatings of one camera woman
18 :48 BBC's Jonathan Marcus states US has been tring to persuade Mubarak to allow genuine secular opposition describing the MB as the best organised opposition group
18 :42 White House chief of staff: US had no former knowledge of pro-Mubarak protest after Obama, and Mubarak spoke Tuesday
18 :37 CNN: Petrol bombs thrown by Mubarak's supporters at anti-government protesters
18 :34 Renewed clashes and shootings in Kasr el Nil
18 :28 Number of injuries in Tahrir clashes escalate to 500
18 :24 Egypt's new Finance Minister, Samir Radwan, calls on opposition to accept dialogue offer with government
18 :22 Opposition Ghad party leader Ayman Nour says he's surrounded by govt thugs in Bab el-Louq, Cairo
18 :21 White House: US deplores and condemns violence in Egypt, repeating strong call for restraint
18 :08 Smoke canisters fired near US embassy to disperse crowds
18 :05 Fire in Cairo Museum after molotov cocktail thrown
18 :02 Military sprays water in Tahrir Square
18 :00 Protesters show police ID's seized from some attackers
17 :58 ElBaradei decries clashes as crimes against Egypt
17 :52 Press TV: Govt. forces throwing molotov bombs at protestors
17 :32 Pro-regime vigilantes drop concrete blocks on unarmed protestors
17 :29 At least 15 people shot in Tahrir Square by government supporters using live ammunition.
17 :25 ElBaradei calls once more for President Mubarak to step aside by Friday
17 :22 The sound of shooting heard in Tahrir Square
17 :19 UN chief Ban condemns attacks on Egypt's protestors describing them as unacceptable
17 :12 US state department spokesman PJ Crowley concerned about detentions and attacks on news media in Egypt.
16 :08 MB: There is no alternative to ending Mubarak's regime and people reject all partial measures proposed by the head of the regime
16 :00 CNN: Mubarak supporters attack Anderson Cooper and crew in Cairo
15 :57 MB rejects Mubarak's attempt to stay on until the end of his term
15 :49 The army has unblocked one of the entrances to Tahrir and pro-regime protesters entered; some with knives while scores of injured Tahrir protesters carried back into the square
15 :45 Mubarak supporters charged on opposition protesters, wielding sticks and whips
15 :42 Witnesses: Hundreds of anti-government supporters were running from the square, including many women and children
15 :34 ElBaradei fears bloodbath in Tahrir describing pro-Mubarak demonstrators as thugs
15 :29 Army calls through loudspeakers on protesters in Cairo's Tahrir to stop clashes
15 :24 Mohamed ElBaradei concerned about Tahrir Square clashes, accuses the government of using scare tactics
15 :21 People charge through anti-Mubarak protesters in Cairo on horses and camels
14 :58 Witness sees tens of injured carried away, bleeding from faces and heads in Cairo's Tahrir square
14 :53 Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle also called for a rapid transition, welcoming the opening to a "new political beginning"
14 :50 British Prime Minister David Cameron says transition must be rapid and credible and needs to start now
14 :48 Undercover police stormed protests in Tahrir Square
14 :45 Police nowhere to be seen in Cairo's Tahrir Square as clashes broke out between supporters and detractors of Hosni Mubarak
14 :43 Several people injured in violence between pro- and anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square
14 :21 Wafd, Nasserists and Tagammu Partys support dialogue with Omar Suleiman Vice President
14 :16 UK backs Egyptian democracy
14 :11 Arab League's Amr Mousa considers running for president
14 :08 Mubarak says he is not leaving Egypt
14 :04 So called pro- and anti-government supporters are clashing in Cairo
14 :01 Obama tells Mubarak to quit urging early transition
13 :56 Thugs in Cairo attack AlArabiya's TV crew covering the protests
13 :53 The internet is back after being blocked for close to a week by the regime to thwart any news of events being posted


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