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Opposition Groups Reject Regime's Offer To Engage In Talks
Opposition Groups Reject Regime's Offer To Engage In Talks
Following the last two days of violence Opposition groups have rejected offers to engage in talks.
Thursday, February 3,2011 21:22

Following the last two days of violence Opposition groups have rejected offers to engage in talks.
The Muslim Brotherhood group has demanded an immediate resignation by President Hosni Mubarak and the creation of a unity government including all opposition groups. According to the MB the regime is  attempting to push people to walk away from the protests so it can regain control. Furthermore both the MB and former IAEA chief Dr.Mohamed ElBaradei rejected the offer by new Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to meet with the regime for talks.
Meanwhile  Wafd Party President Sayyed Badawy has said that the party refuses to meet with the Vice President Omar Suleiman after the violence that occurred yesterday asserting his party confirmed reports that many of those in the pro-Mubarak rally were thugs hired by the National Democratic Party.  Badawy added that the  Wafd's position stands that the party's demands that Mubarak resign immediately, the process of drafting a new constitution begin, the state of emergency is ended, and parliament is dissolved.

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