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Human Rights Group Express Deep Concern on Violence Against Citizens
Human Rights Group Express Deep Concern on Violence Against Citizens
The undersigned human rights organizations expressed deep concern and condemnation of the vicious attacks on Egyptian civil society organizations, since the uprising of January 25th , calling for democracy.
Saturday, February 5,2011 17:14

The undersigned human rights organizations express their deep concern and condemnation of the vicious attacks on Egyptian civil society organizations, since the NDP completely smashed offices.
Also, in the afternoon of 3/2/2011, military officers stormed the office of the “Women’s Group for Human Rights” in downtown Cairo in the absence of its staff. Officers seized documentation, the safe and hard disks and smashed the furniture.

“Some were wearing military uniforms, while others were special forces from the Ministry of Interior. The office was completely ruined. No one was detained as the attack occurred on a Friday, the weekend in Egypt,” said Asmaa Soliman, the group's director.

State owned media launched a incitement crackdown on human rights organizations, casting doubts on the intention of the Egyptian government to extend its attack on human rights organizations in Egypt.

The undersigned express their deep concern at these practices and the planned attack on civil society institutes. Concealing the place of detention implies that the detainees could be exposed to violence, especially that they were arrested using extreme violent practices by plain clothes security officers and NDP bullies despite the fact that some activists have delicate health conditions.

The undersigned request the military police to declare the places where the people are being detained and to guarantee their safety. The detainees should be released at once or prosecuted by impartial authorities if they were charged of any crime at all.

The undersigned assure that the former cabinet is the drive of this uprising due to oppression, torture, corruption and overlooking brutal police practices especially those of the SSI and using emergency law to silence anyone calling for democracy; bloggers and internet activists.
The undersigned:

Hisham Mubarak Law Center
Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights
Women’s Group for Human Rights
Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement
El-Nadeem Center for Psychological Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Habi Center for Environmental Rights
Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
New Woman Foundation
Egyptian Center for Justice and Law
United Group
Egyptian Center for Integrity and Transparency
Association of Human Rights Legal Aid
The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists
Arab Foundation for Support of Civil Society and Human Rights
Arab Center for Independence of Judiciary and Legal Profession
Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Discrimination 

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mahdavi farhad
Sunday, February 6,2011 09:47
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