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Jurists Demand Quick Probe into Torture and Murder of 300
Jurists Demand Quick Probe into Torture and Murder of 300
Jurists and politicians demanded to open an investigation into police torture that took place during the Mubarak regime, torturing more than 300 to death.
Friday, March 4,2011 20:33

Jurists and politicians demanded to open an investigation into police torture that took place during the Mubarak regime, torturing more than 300 to death.


They demanded to hold those involved in such heinous crimes accountable and inflict the death penalty against all those involved in torture cases managed by ex-Interior Minister Habib el-Adli has long justified that they do not reflect his approach and insisted that such practices were carried out by some.


Lawyer Mukhtar Noah, one of those who demanded an investigation into this issue, said that police brutality and torture being committed against the Egyptian people will be discussed at meeting of people's parliamentary opposition members on having toppled ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his first minister Habib Al-Adli put on trial for crimes against humanity.


The parliament will form a fact-finding committee to investigate cases of arbitrary detention and torture of detainees during the last period and refer to those responsible to trial, and to discuss reasons for a slowdown by the military junta to open a probe into such thorny issues.


It was incumbent upon the Military Council of Armed Forces rather than Habib Al-Adli first be put on trial for killing anti-Mubarak protesters, which Noah believes should be postponed provided that the military held him first accountable for abuses committed by his officers against innocent people in crimes prior to it.


He also revealed that more than 322 people were tortured to death recently by police like Abdel Harith Madani in 1995, Mohamed Abdel-Kader in 2006, Khalid Saeed and Sayyed Bilal from Alexandria in 2010, indicating that these crimes are documented.


A leading Brotherhood figure from Al-Beheira Gamal Heshmat, in turn, notes that the armed forces attach great concern only for regaining stolen public funds without caring for the rights of dead and injured people despite the fact that the January 25th  Revolution broke out in order to restore people's usurped dignity. He believes that investigations with the remnants of Mubarak's regime are dedicated only for that direction contrary to people's demands.


Heshmat demands Egypt's junta to act promptly to hold those involved in murder, torture and intimidation accountable for their crimes ahead of trying them on charges of embezzling public money as they strive hard to burn incriminating documents. Responsibility now lies with the Supreme Council who took power in Egypt with caretaker PM Ahmed Shafiq's cabinet that facilitates the matter.

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