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Online Campaign to Vote
Online Campaign to Vote
Internet activists launched many online campaigns on the electronic social networking website "Facebook" urging their friends to positively interact and vote "yes "to the proposed constitutional amendments set to go on Saturday, March 19."
Wednesday, March 16,2011 12:21

 Internet activists launched many online campaigns on the electronic social networking website "Facebook" urging their friends to positively interact and vote "yes "to the proposed constitutional amendments set to go on Saturday, March 19."

 "Yes to amendments safeguard Egypt from turmoil and political instability, ensure a new constitution in accordance with Article 189 bis, challenge attempts to counter the revolution's gains for free and fair elections to produce worthy victors so that the army can assume its primary task of protecting Egypt's borders that are threatened by enemies."

 In their page on "Facebook", they said with confidence " Yes" because Egypt is in dire need to adopt the proposed amendments and to give it a legitimate right, rather than hold our gains until we have reached an agreement on the proposed constitutional amendments, warning of the risk that could threaten Egypt if the constitutional and political vacuum continued for too long!.

They have argued that vote "Yes" will run things another way, make Egypt overcome its odds, put an end to attempts aimed at discrediting the revolution and establish a new constitution for parliament through which people can elect those representing them to draft a new constitution within six months for a democratically-elected president.

 - Click on the following link to see "Yes, to constitutional amendments":


 - Click on the following link to "Yes with confidence":


 - Click on the following link to vote 'Yes' to constitutional amendments":



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