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Coptic organizations begin dialogue with MB
Coptic organizations begin dialogue with MB
Three Coptic organisations have agreed to begin a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).
Thursday, April 7,2011 11:39

Three Coptic organisations have agreed to begin a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

The Union of Coptic Youth, the International Union of Coptic Students and the General Association for the Committee of Coptic Youth met with representatives of the youth of the MB at Assad Ebn El-Furat mosque in Dokki, Cairo.

The Coptic Orthodox Church denied starting a dialogue with the MB, however, many bishops and clerics have met with leaders of the MB.

In the Sharabeya area, a delegation of the MB met with leaders from the Mar Girgis Church and the Virgin Mary Church and began a dialogue entitled "One National Vision".

The MB stressed on the importance of holding regular meetings between the two parties.

The MB delegation also met with leaders from Qena Monastery, including St. Bishawy Narouz.

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