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Brotherhood Rejects Pre-election Drafting of Constitution
Brotherhood Rejects Pre-election Drafting of Constitution
The MB rejected an invitation by liberal and leftist movements to draft the constitution before the September election.
Tuesday, May 10,2011 09:10

The MB rejected an invitation by liberal and leftist movements to draft the constitution before the September election.

A conference held on Saturday in Cairo called for drafting the constitution to ensure that Egypt will always be a civil state.  

Liberal and leftist groups who organized the conference called for the amendment of Article II of the current constitution and to guarantee that non-Muslim Egyptians are ruled according to their own religious texts. 

In their statement, representatives of the liberals and leftists stated that the transition of power and completion of state institutions must be carried out in a democratic manner in order to achieve stability and bring about development and advancement in the country. 

They stated that there is news about the possibility of prolonging the transitional period and postponing the two chamber elections as well as the presidential elections and postponing the drafting of the constitution.

The Muslim Brotherhood commented on these statements saying that it only serves their own interests regardless of the country’s best interests as well as the interests and objectives of the revolution. 

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is running the country during the transitional period, announced a constitutional declaration in which it stated that an elected parliament would form a constitutional committee consisting of 100 members to draft the permanent constitution. 

The MB preferred the constitutional committee to consist of representatives elected by the people of the people instead of being appointed by decision makers. The group also noted that the committee should address the demands of all segments of society when drafting the new constitution. 

Observers say that Islamist forces will back the parliamentary system, while secular forces support the presidential system. 

They also believe that the role of the military will be controversial when it comes to writing the new constitution.

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