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FJP Abandons the Motto 'Islam Is the Solution'
FJP Abandons the Motto 'Islam Is the Solution'
FJP has decided to abandon the slogan “Islam is the Solution” in favor of the new slogan “Freedom is the solution and justice is the application” in the next parliamentary elections
Friday, May 20,2011 15:57

Helmi el-Gazzar, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that the party decided to abandon the slogan “Islam is the solution” used by the Muslim Brotherhood for decades in favor of the new slogan “Freedom is the Solution and Justice is the Application” during the next parliamentary elections
He added during the “MB and Civil Society” seminar organized by the Freedoms Committee in the Journalists Syndicate that the MB cannot govern Egypt on its own and no group or single ideology  can handle the problems in Egypt alone , calling on all political parties to work together.
el Gazzar said: “The MB seeks the emergence of a new and developed country based on the constitution and rule of law, with an elected parliament and judicial supervision, rejecting speculations that the MB is seeking to create a theocratic state, which the MB denies categorically.

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Islam is no longer the solution? Faris Mee
What fools are these? Islam is NOT the solution? You are striving for democracy and want nothing to do with a Religious state? Ya ikhwan, democracy won\'t save you from Allah\'s wrath.
Saturday, May 21,2011 05:56
M. B. Abandons Islam is the solution slogan. BIG MO
Dear MR. Hammi Al Gezzer, I understand that you want to keep Egypt Unified. But to drop The motto \\\"Islam Is the solution\\\" is and will be a terrible mistake, what you are saying in essence is thank you Allah, for getting rid of the Mubaraks and their cronies and Henchman. But we don\\\'t need you anymore. now that we have succeeded with this revolution! So tell me sir, how long do you think your success is going to last? since the early 1900\\\'s The M.B. has relied on this Motto. I say to you sir, if you abandon this motto. you will have abandoned the Martys that have died for this Motto and the peoples revolution! Where is the Logic in that?
Friday, May 20,2011 17:26
Change in motto. peace
I used to support MB because I am a muslim and MB stood for Islam. Now that MB (FJP) does associate itseld with the Muslim faith, why would a Muslim support it?
Saturday, May 21,2011 08:57
Freedom from Allah\'s Law is the solution? Ahmed F.
There is an hadith that says muslims will follow the footsteps of the jews & christians even if they enter a lizards's hole. Paul, the inventor of Christianity, declared that the christians are free from Gods Laws. And now the Muslim Brotherhood have declared that - Freedom (from Allahs Shariah) is the Solution. Where do you think the footsteps of the christians will lead you?
Saturday, May 21,2011 15:48
inclusive umar
Islam preaches justice and freedom..so when we champion the cause for justice and freedom we are also bringing the message of Islam..i dont see anything wrong in the slogan..may Allah make us steadfast and strong on His path..
Saturday, May 21,2011 20:14
We live in straange times. From a Muslim American tawheed1
It is sad to see that MB has adopted the new idol (golden calf) of today called Democracy instead of the Law of Allah. It is sad to see that the MB has thrown the book of Allah behind their backs, and brought the life of this world in exchange of the hereafter. Don\'t worry Allah will replace you with another who will take a stand and be proud of His Deen. We Muslims do not need democracy it has proven to be a complete failure. The Law of Allah has always proven to be the only way that Muslims will attain success in this life and the next. Prepare for worse to come; And I mean worse than Mubarak. The real test of Egypt is happening now. A the test is greater than Mubarak. Eqypt will you commit Kufr by accepting the Law of man over the law of Allah? Don\'t abandon Allah, because when you abondon Him he will abandon you.
Sunday, May 22,2011 06:40
Motto Rasheed Mirza
I understand why you change the Motto, but it would better if you include Islam in your Motto, Allah knows better what you have in your mind and heart.
Sunday, May 22,2011 11:59
Are you afraid of kuffar? Mohammed Ajami
What is this madness.. this is the saddest new i hear all week, I too had very high hopes for MB but now those hopes are crumpling down. Why is that our brothers seek to appease the non-muslims. Are you afraid you might not get the votes if you support Islam publicly? Or do you feel you no longer need Islam now that you got the upper hand after mubarak? I soo wish they wud revert this decision.
Sunday, May 22,2011 14:29
Change in motto Truth Richman
Dear brothers,please be patient with the MB.Those who understand the dynamics of Egyptian politics will have no grouse with the change in the motto.In every worthwhile legal jurisprudence, judgment is not based on name or form but on meaning and the substance the name stands for.Then, we need to ask the MB authority what they mean by the new motto:FREEDOM IS THE SOLUTION JUSTICE IS THE APPLICATION before we pass judgment on them.Please,remember that there are Christians in the FJP and also the lessons in the Treaty of Hudaybiyah.
Monday, May 23,2011 00:26
FJP Abandons the Motto \'Islam Is the Solution\' egyptaya
I do not agree on dropping the Motto Islam is the solution even though I understand that el ekhowan is after unity in Egypt. Islam is the solution not only for the Muslims in Egypt but for the Christians also
Monday, May 23,2011 07:10
Meaning ahmed
the MB cannot govern Egypt on its own and no group or ""single ideology"" can handle the problems in Egypt alone. what it mean, are you saying, islam cant handle the situation. the word ideology specifically coined for islam, capitalism and communism. If it true, Beware of Allah.
Monday, May 23,2011 16:06
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