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Middle East Expert:  Postponing Elections Setback for Democracy
Middle East Expert: Postponing Elections Setback for Democracy
The debate over how and when to write a new constitution has emerged as the centre of a widening ideological debate.
Sunday, June 19,2011 18:59

The debate over how and when to draft a new constitution has emerged at the centre of a widening ideological debate.
According to Nathan Brown, an expert in Egyptian affairs and professor of political science at George Washington University, attempts by some factions in Egypt who call for the postponement of elections is a recipe for political disaster.

He states that factions who are attempting to stall the scheduled elections under the pretext of a desire to write a new constitution for the country, do not understand the true meaning of democracy since it is evident that the real reason behind the demand is to exclude one of the largest political groups in the country, in reference to the Islamists.

He added that some of the secular forces that lack political experience and grass roots are calling to postpone elections for personal gain.

Brown’s statement comes in response to an article published in the Wall Street Journal claiming that military leaders during a closed meeting with Maj. Gen. Mohammed Assar and the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, stated they would alter the timeline for Egypt's democratic transition if political forces agreed on it.

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