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MB: Unity is Key to Revolution’s Success
MB: Unity is Key to Revolution’s Success
The Muslim Brotherhood joined protests in Tahrir Square in ‘Persistence Friday’ in an effort to preserve Egyptian unity.
Friday, July 8,2011 22:59

The Muslim Brotherhood joined protests in Tahrir Square in ‘Persistence Friday’ in an effort to preserve Egyptian unity.

Describing the revolution as a blessing which united Egyptians after many years of injustice, oppression, corruption, and tyranny under the Mubarak regime, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy stressed that unity was the key to the revolution’s success.

He stated, however, the MB will not participate in the open ended sit-in, which other political movements and parties have called for. He added the group’s Freedom and Justice Party although did not fully agree with some of the decisions made by the Supreme Council Armed Forces which was strongly criticized in today's protests did not support calls for its dismissal.

Beltagy rejected allegations that there were deals between the MB and the army, stressing that the group has always called for Egypt’s wellbeing and was not seeking to monopolise power. Evidence of this he said was the numerous coalitions and discussions the group engaged in with other major political parties adding the group always has and always will welcome open dialogue with all who promoted Egypt’s progress, development and wellbeing.

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