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PM: People Are First and Foremost Sovereign Quarter
PM: People Are First and Foremost Sovereign Quarter
Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf asserted that he is doing his utmost to meet the public demands.
Monday, July 11,2011 13:46

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf asserted that he is doing his utmost to meet the public demands.

Sharaf maintained that he gave direct instructions to the interior minister to terminate the service of commanders and police officials accused of killing protesters during the January 25th uprising.  He told the people he had given directives to pay compensation to those who were killed and injured during the revolution.
Sharaf said that special courts are to be dedicated to give priority to the trials in the cases of corruption and killing protesters to accomplish them quickly regardless of the judges' summer holiday. Sharaf has also agreed with the attorney general to pick efficient prosecutors to investigate the issue of killing protesters.
Sharaf confirmed that he appointed the minister to accelerate measures in order to create the highest possible degree of order and discipline and most importantly security in the street. He emphasized that the dignity of the Egyptian citizen to get life in Egypt back to normal must be considered.
He also revealed measures to achieve security and speed up the trials of former officials accused of killing civilians and graft cases, adding that an investigation team has been assigned to look into accusations of killing protesters and graft. 

Sharaf also attempted to appease the nation by confirming that the attorney-general has decided to contest all 'not guilty' verdicts in accusations against former officials.
Furthermore, a mechanism to discuss all demands of the national groups has been established.Sharaf maintained that he also tasked the social justice minister with forming a panel to mull demands pertaining to prices, health, housing, education and employment. He also added that the panel will refer its recommendations to the cabinet soon.

Sharaf confirmed that he closely monitored the protesters demands in Tahrir Square and nationwide, asserting that he read all statements released, slogans chanted and banners raised.
He rounded up his statement by thanking the people, stressing that the decisions made came in line with the people’s demands, claiming the people are the only sovereign quarter and the source of all power.

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