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MB Chairman: Egyptians Will Not Surrender Revolution to Hijackers
MB Chairman: Egyptians Will Not Surrender Revolution to Hijackers
Speaking in Wady Notron, Beheira the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that remnants from the old regime are intent on sowing chaos and hijacking the revolution.
Tuesday, July 26,2011 19:23

Speaking in Wady Notron, Beheira the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that remnants from the old regime are intent on sowing chaos and hijacking the revolution.

He reminded the audience that the nation had been oppressed for three decades and had succeeded in overthrowing Mubarak and his regime by disregarding differences and uniting in solidarity for a common cause; democracy and freedom.

Calling on the people to protect the revolution from hijackers and counter revolutionists, Badie urged them to rekindle the spirit of January 25 and not heed efforts which are aimed at causing sedition between Muslims, Copts, the Army and the people.

Remembering the martyrs of the revolution, Badie requested that their families be looked after since it was they who protected the revolution and sacrificed much during the process.

In his speech during the opening of another MB branch, Badie maintained that Wady Notron’s prison bears witness to the injustices faced by the MB members who were unjustly detained for months sometimes years, highlighting that with the people’s adamant stance and unity the tables have turned, adding that prisons which had housed innocent politicians, and activists especially those from the MB are currently housing corrupters from the former regime.

Further, Badie called on the Copts to join hands with the MB to sustain the revolution and protect it from negativity.

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keep spirit tranparamole.multiply.com
good. keep spirit!
Thursday, July 28,2011 11:30
!!! amir
protecting the revolution!
Friday, July 29,2011 17:47
Reality The Ugly Truth
The real hijacker of this great revolution is the Muslim Brotherhood, which opposed the revolution from the start in fear of a state crackdown, the young secular youth took the blow, took the rubber bullets, the vans that hit them, the live ammunition, the tear gas, the beatings, the water hosing, the real struggle only involved the secular youth who started and executed this revolution, groups, specifically Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood are hijacking it, take the work, the tears, the blood, the sweat of these young pioneers and manipulating the people in Egypt and claiming glory for this feat, you had nothing to do with this revolution from the start, do not get into it, no to a religious state, no to a state slightly influenced by religion, enough theocracies, learn from the past, learn from the mistake of the deadly mix of religion and politics. Do not steal this revolution, Egypt will never move forward with religious leaders, religion is for the home, secular politics is for the people, if groups can not understand that, then they do not deserve the right to participate, can your goals not be achieved with out religious, must you do everything in the name of Islam? This is not a religious war, this is the fate of a great 7,000 year old nation which has more than an Islamic identity, take your Jihad elsewhere, let the sensible politicians save this country.
Saturday, July 30,2011 01:51
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