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International Affairs
MB Demands Gov't Reviews Foreign Policy Towards Israel Following Border Attacks
MB Demands Gov't Reviews Foreign Policy Towards Israel Following Border Attacks
Following the aggressive Israeli attacks which left Egyptian soldiers at the border dead, the Muslim Brotherhood released a statement Sunday demanding that the Israeli Ambassador be expelled from Egypt and the Egyptian Ambassador in Tel Aviv summoned.
Sunday, August 21,2011 00:45

Following the hostile Israeli attacks on Egyptian borders which left three soldiers dead, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) released a statement Sunday demanding that the Israeli Ambassador be expelled and the Egyptian Ambassador in Tel Aviv summoned. The statement also called for reviewing the peace treaty with Israel and restoring full control over Sinai.

The statement asserted that Egypt is different after the revolution, and such a crime should not be without consequences.

The MB’s statement warned that Israel is wrong if it believes that the Egyptian army is too preoccupied with domestic politics, or the disagreements among country’s political forces around domesitc issues, will give it the opportunity to commit its crimes without being held accounatble.

"All Egyptians, regardless of ideological differences, always have and always will be united together and with the army and will not tolerate any aggression against their country"

“Egyptians are prepared to fight and defend their nation's soil and sons,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the MB rejected statements by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton calling on Egypt to secure its borders, describing it as an unacceptable interference in Egypt’s affairs. It added that Egypt knows well how to protect its land and people.

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Open your eyes Truth Be Told
Are you Egyptians for real? Why were the 2 Egyptian policemen (sadly) killed? An armed attack from within Egyptian territory was carried out against Israeli civilians, killing 8 of them. Israel fired back with full justification. The policemen were not targetted, there deaths was an unfortunate accident. When will you face the truth? Only when Egypt applies its sovereignty in Sinai as it should, will incidents like this be prevented. At the moment north Sinai is a safe haven for terrorists. A new Afganistan. Egypt must take charge of its own backyard.
Sunday, August 21,2011 09:28
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