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FJP Discusses Electoral System in Meeting Between SCAF and Parties
FJP Discusses Electoral System in Meeting Between SCAF and Parties
A high-level meeting was held Sunday between Egypt’s Chief of Staff Sami Anan, and representatives of different political groups and official parties to discuss the details concerning Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections.
Monday, September 19,2011 12:27
A high-level meeting was held Sunday between Egypt’s Army Chief of Staff Sami Anan, and representatives of different political groups and parties to discuss preparations for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

During the meeting, it was agreed that each faction would propose its vision to how the elections would be run including the new distribution of electoral constituents. A proposed timetable will also be set for the parliamentary followed by the presidential elections.

The meeting discussed the possibility of applying the electoral list voting system only instead of the mixed system proposed by the interim government.

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohamed Morsy called for the parliamentary and Shura elections to be held simultaneously or at least close to one another.

 “A delegation from the FJP will issue our vision regarding the voting system, distribution of electoral seats and constituents, and procedures for the upcoming elections”, Morsy explained. He described the discussions as "mature" which "demonstrated mutual interests for Egypt’s wellbeing after the revolution"

Other figures attending the meeting from the military included Generals: Mohamed Al-Assar, Mokhtar Al-Mala, Mamdouh Shaheen, and Ismail Etman. Legal advisors to the Constitutional Supreme Court also attended along with General Mohamed Refaat form the Interior Ministry.
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