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Beltagy Rejects Military Justice for Political, Media Personalities
Beltagy Rejects Military Justice for Political, Media Personalities
Dr. Beltagy announces work through parliament to abolish military trials of civilians, soon.
Thursday, March 8,2012 08:43
by Hussien Mahmoud IkhwanWeb

 Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, a member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), denounced referral of a number of political and media personalities to military justice.

The Egyptian public prosecutor had been notified of complaints filed with the military prosecutor against political activist Asmaa Mahfouz and others. Mohamed Salah Mohamed Zaghloul and 712 others lodged the complaints, and signed formal statements, against the defendants. Reported allegations include inciting the overthrow of state power and provoking sedition against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), filed against Aboul-Ezz Al-Hariri, Buthaina Kamel, Nawara Negm, Sameh Naguib, Wael Ghoneim, Mamdouh Hamza, George Isaac, Alaa Aswani, Yousri Foda, Ziad Al-Alimi and Rim Majid.

A military judicial source said, Wednesday, that the Public Prosecutor referred the complaints and statements to the military judiciary, pointing out that case reports are accompanied by copies of articles and other evidence  of incitement to overthrow state power.
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Beltagy said: "We denounce referral of any civilian to military justice. We're going, through Parliament, to amend the law of military trials, soon, to stop trying civilians before extraordinary or military courts.
"We also denounce prosecuting any civilian for their views and opposition to political powers. This is totally unacceptable", Dr. Beltagy concluded.
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