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Leading Economists: Malik Sends Reassurance Message to Business World
Leading Economists: Malik Sends Reassurance Message to Business World
Hassan Malik tells world businessmen your investments are safe in Egypt through ‘START’ – his ground-breaking economy-boosting initiative.
Thursday, April 5,2012 15:25

 "You Won’t Be Late If You Do START"... Is the motto used for the launch of the Egyptian Society for the Development of Business, or "START" for short (initials of the society’s Arabic name make up the Arabic word for START), which was founded by Egyptian businessman Hassan Malik with a group of patriotic Egyptians.

The launch ceremony, Saturday, was attended by more than 500 Egyptian, Arab and foreign businessmen, as well as some of Egypt's prominent political and economic icons. The START society aims to achieve 7 main goals:

1. Bolstering Egypt’s economic system and national institutions and organizations to create an enabling environment for investment, and attracting investments to Egypt

2. Applying the values of social welfare and equality, and advancing the concepts of social responsibility

3. Implementing systems of institution, organization and corporate governance

4. Investing accumulated creative and information resources gained by the business community over the years

5. Boosting cooperation, alliance, information exchange and acquaintance between business owners and their establishments or organizations

6. Debating and proposing relevant draft laws and legislation and amendments thereof, and submitting proposals thereon to competent authorities

7. Facilitating access to the international business environment in all directions, in accordance with the needs and aspirations of the community, while working hard to stimulate bilateral trade with all countries of the world.

Meanwhile, START is working effectively to accomplish the following tasks:

- Promoting economic relations in all fields, and maximizing the inter-trade with all Arab, Muslim and African countries

- Motivating and encouraging young entrepreneurs and leading businessmen in small, medium and micro enterprises

- Providing a study of development projects of national priority, and marketing and encouraging participation in their establishment, composition, and putting them up for public subscription

- Developing local communities

- Enriching START members with capabilities, information and experiences that serve their businesses and activities.
Furthermore, Mustafa Nasr, managing director of Middle East Company For Financial Consultations, stressed that Hassan Malik’s START initiative is a concrete step that will contribute significantly in bolstering Egypt’s national economy in the near future by increasing the volume of investments being pumped in the Egyptian market through motivation of Egyptian young entrepreneurs and leading businessmen.

Moreover, Nasr pointed that the START initiative will boost foreign investor confidence in the local economy, after the recession experienced by Egypt after the January 25 revolution, and reduction of Egypt’s credit rating three times.

Jalal Zorba, Chairman of Federation of Egyptian Industries, also welcomed the initiative, noting that such constructive ideas are the best for post-revolution Egypt.

Further, Jalal Zorba added that START has broadcast the message to the world that Islamists accept foreign investments, and even support their presence in Egypt. He expressed his expectation that START would contribute in attracting foreign investment, in light of reassurances sent by Islamists to foreign investors. He also welcomed START’s adoption of the invitation for the first international conference to attract investments to Egypt, to be held before the end of this year, which sends a message to businessmen all over the world to assure them their investments will be safe and secure in Egypt.
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