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Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Clarification Regarding Statements Attributed to Dr. Beltagy
Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Clarification Regarding Statements Attributed to Dr. Beltagy
Cairo – 17 April 2012: Translation of Egypt’s Brotherhood statement clarifying the organization’s official stance regarding Dr. Beltagy’s latest initiative for national accord.
Tuesday, April 17,2012 22:03

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, has issued the following press release:

Reports have been published by certain media outlets about a statement attributed to Brother Mohamed Beltagy in which he suggests an initiative for consensus with Egypt’s political actors and the restructuring of the constitution-writing committee, as well as agreement on a single consensus presidential candidate.

Some media outlets have dealt with Dr. Beltagy’s statement as if it were issued by the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. We therefore would like to emphasize the following:

1. The above is a personal initiative from Dr. Mohamed Beltagy.

2. The Brotherhood Chairman has always reiterated the need to establish accord among the political players; and we are always keenly interested in consensus.

3. The constituent panel tasked with writing the constitution is a matter which, constitutionally, is the exclusive jurisdiction of parliament (the People's Assembly and Shura Council), and the Muslim Brotherhood is not a party in that matter.

4. Rumors circulated in some media on deliberations in the Freedom and Justice Party and the Brotherhood’s institutions on the withdrawal of the group and the party’s primary and reserve presidential candidates are completely unfounded.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein

The Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General

Cairo: 17th of April 2012.


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