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Press Statement from Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Elections Campaign Media Centre
Press Statement from Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Elections Campaign Media Centre
Egyptian presidential contender Morsi’s campaign goes on, despite a strike – described by observers as political adolescence – by the elections committee angry at the freely elected Parliament’s moves to bolster anti-fraud procedures.
Tuesday, May 8,2012 21:35

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aati, General Coordinator of the presidential campaign of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), has announced that Morsi’s campaign is continuing its activities despite the decision of the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), on Monday, to suspend its work

Abdel-Aati urged all parties to find a solution to this situation, especially since the presidential elections process is in its vital final stages, adding that he expects that the elections will be held on schedule without delay or postponement.

The dates for Egypt’s first post-revolution presidential elections were set by legislation and official decree, away from the draft-law discussions in parliament which angered SPEC.

Morsi’s campaign manager underscored the need to resolve the crisis without confusing the political scene or impacting the elections process, and went on to say: "We believe that all parties are in the same boat, should act to solve the problem".

Abdel-Aati further said, "I expect a positive move by authorities keen to safeguard the political road-map. The issue must be resolved in a manner that will not affect the electoral process".

The general coordinator of the campaign pointed that Dr. Morsi will complete his tour according to plans set in advance, that he will hold a number of meetings with members of the campaign, in addition to a meeting with the workers of Egypt today, and then he will go on an electoral tour in Nasr City, in Cairo; and will have several media interviews.

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