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Diab: Morsi Chances in Presidential Race Very High
Diab: Morsi Chances in Presidential Race Very High
Rejecting as false Egyptian media reports that the Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity is fading and its presidential candidate has no chance of winning, a distinguished FJP lawmaker affirms that most opinion polls are neither objective nor neutral.
Wednesday, May 16,2012 08:03

Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee and member of the People’s Assembly, affirmed that the popularity of presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi is evidently, steadily rising by the day.

He pointed out that the public conferences and mass rallies held by Dr. Morsi across Egypt’s provinces confirm categorically that he is the most popular of candidates and the most capable of mobilizing citizens in those conferences and rallies.

In an interview with the 'Akhir Annahar' (End of the Day) program on Egyptian satellite TV channel ‘Annahar’, Diab rejected as misleading Egyptian surveys that try to assess the popularity of candidates.

He asserted that surveys or opinion polls alone are not an accurate indication of candidates’ popularity, as most experts distrust their results, since they almost invariably fail to reflect the views of all segments of society, the electorate.

Moreover, Dr. Diab said that reliance on polls in Egypt is totally unrealistic, since there are no independent centers or organizations to gauge public opinion properly.

He further pointed out that media reports are misleading and misguided, reflecting only a narrow and limited point of view of society, neglecting most powerful evidence, just to vilify the Muslim Brotherhood and falsely prove the collapse of its popularity.

He added, “All these old antics will surely and miserably fail to deceive Egyptian voters, who consciously choose and compare candidates’ electoral programs and check out candidates before deciding their final choice.

"Dr. Morsi’s chances are very good, indeed, by virtue of his clear and constant positions and his continued assurance that Sharia is the primary reference for Nahda Project.

"Large segments of Egyptians want Sharia and trust in the ability of Dr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to implement the program they have offered."

Furthermore, Dr. Diab emphasized that the Brotherhood is very well-connected, and is certainly not limited to its members and supporters.

"Muslim Brotherhood youth aim to reach every home, of every Egyptian, Christian or Muslim, to explain and convince all of our program’s benefits and advantages and our ability to implement it."

The FJP lawmaker assured that claims of Muslim Brotherhood power grab are meaningless.

“The Brotherhood did not get any leadership position in the executive branch, not one out of the 16,000 leadership positions currently occupied by non-Brotherhood politicians, including governors (of provinces), Deputy Ministers or Under-Secretaries, members in specialized national councils nor even a single ministerial portfolio.

Dr. Diab further criticized the media for its attempt to knock and fault the performance of Parliament, although the post-revolution parliament’s performance in its first 100 days is equal to pre-revolution Parliament’s performance in its last two cycles of 2000 and 2005.

He mentioned that the People’s Assembly (the lower house of parliament) enacted 26 laws, especially laws for increasing the amount of compensation paid to families of revolution martyrs, for turning temporary workers to full-time employees – benefitting 600,000 citizens, and setting the upper and lower limits of salaries.

"The Assembly also issued laws to prevent the trial of civilians before military courts, in addition to its unprecedented oversight performance, as witnessed in its summoning and questioning of ministers and even the Prime Minister, and its rejection of the Government's political and economic program statement.

Dr. Diab pointed out that "The Muslim Brotherhood always seeks to rectify its mistakes. The Brothers have worked hard on the issues put up to them. If they resolve those issues, they should be lauded for that. If they do not, they should be lauded for trying hard to do so".

With regard to the impasse over the constituent committee that will write Egypt’s new Constitution, Diab added: "We are almost there, resolving this crisis".
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