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Adel Hamid: We Seek Release of Abbassiya Detainees
Adel Hamid: We Seek Release of Abbassiya Detainees
Freedom and Justice party lawmaker affirms that the Egyptian People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) will not relinquish the rights and freedoms of Egyptians, no matter what the cost.
Thursday, May 17,2012 21:31

Adel Hamid, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) parliamentary bloc, said that the Egyptian parliament has been exerting continuous efforts for the release of all those unlawfully arrested in the recent Abbassiya clashes, in Cairo.

Earlier, on Wednesday evening, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the High Court in to take part in a march called by seven different political movements to the People’s Assembly building, to demand the release of the revolutionary youth who had been detained in Abbassiya.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MP Hamid said: "A joint committee comprising three parliamentary committees – Human Rights, National Security and Youth – visited the Abbassiya detainees in three prisons across Egypt.

"It heard their complaints. It then asked the Military Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), during a recent meeting, for an immediate release of all those arrested. However SCAF argued that its officers and soldiers had been attacked and injured and that the whole case would soon end with the investigation of those arrested."

Hamid further assured that there is news about release of groups of detainees, pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP are determined to protect the freedoms of citizens and will not abandon the rights of Egyptians.

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