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Muslim Brotherhood: Islam Forbids Attacking Embassies in Any Way
Muslim Brotherhood: Islam Forbids Attacking Embassies in Any Way
Egypt’s Brotherhood scholars denounce violence against foreigners and embassies, but at the same time condemn those who instigate sedition, strife and disorder, who must be stopped.
Friday, September 14,2012 00:15

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Al-Azhar University, affirmed that: "Foreign embassies in our homeland must be secured. Islam forbids attacking them in any way".

In a post on his official page on Facebook, Dr. Al-Barr added: "Every foreigner who enters into our country is in our trust, and we have a duty to secure and protect them. Attacking them is like attacking any of us".

Dr. Barr condemned the killing of the U.S. Ambassador and the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, stressing that it is a reprehensible crime that all sensible people must denounce.

He further stressed that U.S. Rev. Terry Jones, Morris Sadek and Esmat Zaklama, together with other collaborators, deliberately ignited the flames of sedition among countries and peoples, and must be dealt with firmly.
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