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Egyptian Fatwa Foundation Launches Pro-Islam Poster Campaign in New York Subway
Egyptian Fatwa Foundation Launches Pro-Islam Poster Campaign in New York Subway
Senior Muslim adviser urges restraint in response to recent anti-Muslim hate campaigns that denigrate Islam and Prophet Mohamed, calling instead for well-thought-out enlightened counter campaigns that reflect Islam and Muslims’ high moral code.
Monday, October 1,2012 22:56

Dr. Ibrahim Negm, senior adviser to Egypt’s Grand Mufti, revealed that the Egyptian Fatwa Foundation (EFF) is currently coordinating with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), one of the largest Islamic organizations in the United States and Canada, based in New York, for an initiative in response to an anti-Islam poster campaign in New York subway stations.

According to a statement published by the EFF on its official website, the initiative will place posters about Islam and Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) in all New York subway stations.

The EFF will oversee the content of the posters, while the Islamic Circle will take care of all procedural and follow-up matters in this campaign.

Commenting on the Spanish magazine El Jueves’ publishing of a cartoon depicting the Prophet (PBUH), Dr. Ibrahim Negm said: "Magazines and newspapers that do such shameful acts are mostly unknown, unheard of in their own countries, and have no real standing or status among respectable newspapers and magazines.

"So, they seek free advertising through these acts. I call upon all wise Muslims to respond in positive and civilized ways."

The Mufti’s senior adviser further revealed that he is in contact with a number of Spanish newspapers, having sent them an article by Dr. Ali Gomaa, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, to be published in a few days’ time in the Spanish press in response to the offending magazine’s crude cartoon.

Dr. Negm pointed that the anti-Islam series of vulgar productions insulting Islam and Muslims will not end, in this age of globalized communication and publishing.

"Recently, attacks targeting Islam and its teachings have increased from the Far East to the Far West. Every Muslim and every decision-maker must come out of the action and reaction cycle to adopt the right approach of explanation, clarification and propagation of Islam, with wisdom and good counsel – as commanded by our religion."


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