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Egypt Constitution-Writing Panel to Vote on Final Draft of New National Charter in November
Egypt Constitution-Writing Panel to Vote on Final Draft of New National Charter in November
Freedom and Justice Party leader and member of the charter-authoring committee Ahmed Diab assures: the new document takes into account all feedback received through community dialogue.
Wednesday, October 17,2012 06:31

 Hossam Ghariani, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly (CA) tasked with drawing up Egypt’s first post-revolution national charter, said CA members will begin the process of final voting to approve articles of the Constitution prepared by the CA’s various specialized committees, during the second week of November.

"Forthcoming Assembly sessions will be devoted to the discussion of the draft constitution as distributed today. These sessions will be held in the afternoon, to allow committees to convene in the morning, with members moving on to vote on finalized articles, later.

"I hope we get all-inclusive texts in the new Constitution which would reflect and fulfill all Egyptians’ objectives."

Dr. Ahmed Diab, CA member and also member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s Executive Office, affirmed that the draft document, which the CA officially published Wednesday October 10, took into account feedback that came through community dialogue since the Assembly started its work, through tours its members undertook in all provinces across Egypt and meetings held by the CA’s Committee on Suggestions and Community Dialogue (CSCD).

During the plenary session of the Assembly Tuesday October 16, Diab said: "The CSCD received 30,000 suggestions, and distributed those to all the CA’s specialized committees to take all feedback into account. And thus the initial draft was produced.

"Matter of fact is: 98% of the first draft’s articles were fully agreed upon among all CA members."
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