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Beltagy: Egypt Liberals and Secularists Shun Democracy When It Does Not Put Them in Power
Beltagy: Egypt Liberals and Secularists Shun Democracy When It Does Not Put Them in Power
Minority or not, Egypt’s liberal and secularist politicians believe democracy must put them in office, or they will abandon the whole idea.
Wednesday, November 21,2012 18:35

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Constituent Assembly (CA) entrusted with writing post-revolution Egypt’s Constitution: “The CA continues to work, aiming to finalize the new version of this country’s national charter before the end of this month. That will be presented to the President of Egypt. It will then be submitted for approval in a popular referendum.

Beltagy stressed the need for direct contact with the masses to explain what is happening inside the CA and to correct misconceptions fed and promoted by the media with no basis in truth.

During a popular rally in Giza - south of Cairo, Beltagy stressed the importance of a constitution to set the general rules that improve peoples' lives, and properly organizes the relations between the people and the government, the president and the government, and the parliament and the municipalities.

"This is what the people chose, not what the parliament or the Military Council chose.

"The liberals and secularists in Egypt want democracy that ushers them into power. If it did not bring them what they expect or aspire to, they want to 'crush democracy'."

Beltagy went on, wondering: "They appreciate neither referendum, nor parliamentary elections. Let’s ask them: What new ideas are you suggesting, as liberals, or democracy advocates, after you exhausted the subject of free will!?"

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