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Katatni After Gaza Visit: Egyptians Are United in Their Support of Palestinians Against Zionist War
Katatni After Gaza Visit: Egyptians Are United in Their Support of Palestinians Against Zionist War
Witnessing firsthand a lot more than he ever heard of Israeli atrocities against innocent children, women and civilians of Gaza, FJP chief Katatni speaks out from Shifa Hospital, promising Egyptian people backing for Gaza.
Wednesday, November 21,2012 18:52

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and head of the Egyptian political delegation that visited Gaza Strip Monday, asserted that post-revolution Egypt is a strategic ally of the Palestinians and all the oppressed in the world, urging the people of Gaza to persevere in the face of murderous Israeli aggression.

In a speech he delivered at the Palestinian Legislative Council headquarters, on the sidelines of the visit, Katatni said: "The Egyptian people, represented by their parties and political forces, are here today to say it clearly: we are with the people of Gaza in their fight. The Egyptian people will not leave you alone.

"Today, we have seen how the Palestinian Council of Ministers building was bombed just after Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil’s visit: a political message from the Zionist enemy. But we the Egyptians tell them: this message is totally rejected by us all."

Katatni further added, "We are determined to support our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We saw with our own eyes how houses were bombed at night. We came and we have seen in this hospital how innocent children are killed and wounded by Zionist US-made war machine. We came here to say to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, especially in Gaza: we are fully behind you politically and in all ways of support we can provide; our strength is your strength; our medicine is your medicine; we are with you all the way; we will not abandon you."

The Egyptian delegation was received at the Rafah crossing by Palestinian Health Minister Bassem Naim. It visited the headquarters of the Palestinian government, which was bombed by Israeli warplanes. The delegation then visited the family of Adalou, who had just lost 17 of its children as a result of Israeli bombardment.

Throughout the visit, the Israeli war machine persistently pushed on with further bloody bombardment of Gaza, causing even more chaos and destruction, and killing scores more – mostly civilians, mostly women and children.

The Egyptian political delegation comprised a number of FJP leaders, including Hussein Ibrahim, Adel Hamid, Reda Fahmi, Hamdi Hassan and Murad Ali.

It also comprised a number of Nour Party leaders as well as Ahmed Khairy - Spokesman for Egyptian Liberals, Essam Shibl - Assistant Secretary-General of the Wassat Party, Mohamed Adel – representing April 6 Movement, Mohamed Abdel-Alim Dawood and Mohamed Omda - members of parliament, and Dr. Safwat Hegazy, and Ragheb El-Sirgany, media professional Moataz Matar, the poet Syed Higab, former football player Hamada Al-Masry, Gamal Tag al-Din - representing the Egyptian Bar Association, Sheikh Mazhar Shahin - Amr Makram Mosque imam and preacher, and Tarek Zeidan - Chairman of the Egyptian Revolution Party, as well as some popular and public figures.

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