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Judicial Body: President Prudent Decision Protects Revolution
Judicial Body: President Prudent Decision Protects Revolution
Seeing the world through tunnel vision certainly makes media professionals err, reversing all facts, persistently, claiming that Egypt President Morsi has no right to issue a constitutional declaration when indeed he does, according to this prominent judicial authority.
Monday, November 26,2012 16:00

Justice Mohamed Awad, President of the Appeal Court of Alexandria – one of the leading judicial bodies in Egypt, reiterated that the Constitutional Declaration issued by President Mohamed Morsi is perfectly lawful, falls well within his powers and achieves the goals of the Egyptian revolution which demanded sacking of the Public Prosecutor and fair trials for former regime figures.

He affirmed that making immune the decrees was in order to prevent the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) from encroachment on the popular will, which freely elected the People's Assembly and the Shura Council (Egypt’s two houses of parliament): "As it is not permissible for an authority to cancel out another authority, the legislature may not negate the judicial authority and vice versa, as happened with the democratically elected parliament casually dismissed by the SCC".

Justice Awad appealed to judges not to be misled by Al-Zind’s calls to suspend work in the courts: "A judge should be independent and free of narrow partisan interests and personal whims and desires.

"The revolution is now exposed to a real risk. So I invite Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and all national and revolutionary groups and parties to withdraw from alliances with remnants of the ousted regime against the President’s Decrees."
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