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Huda Ghaneya: Calls Against Recently-Approved Constitution Attack Against Popular Will
Huda Ghaneya: Calls Against Recently-Approved Constitution Attack Against Popular Will
Freedom and Justice Party leader Ghaneya rejects as absurd and totally unrealistic calls to cancel Egypt’s newly-passed charter.
Wednesday, January 9,2013 23:42

Dr. Huda Ghaneya, member of the Constituent Assembly and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader, denounced opposition calls to cancel Egypt’s new Constitution, saying: "The opposition should rise up to its responsibility and steer away from decisions that harm the Egyptian citizen and the interests of the country. Everyone should engage in the construction of Egypt in a positive, effective manner. What the opposition is doing now is blatant and cynical falsification of facts.

"How can the people contradict their own will? The new charter has just been passed, with popular majority amounting to almost 64%. Therefore, those who are now demanding cancellation of the charter are simply fighting the will of the people."

Dr. Ghaneya added: "If, as the opposition claims, people did not approve the Constitution, why did they vote ‘Yes’ in the recent referendum to support it?

"In all countries of the world, all referendums and elections are won or lost based on what the majority says through the ballot box. This is the democracy that we all call for, the democracy recognized by all countries around the world. Indeed, all constitutions of the world are approved and recognized this way."

Earlier, the lawyer Tahani Al-Gabali, removed by the Constitutional Court after the adoption of the new charter, lodged a complaint at the Constitutional Court against Egypt’s national charter.

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